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What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is an umbrella term to describe all of the different types of tokens that exist in the digital currency ecosystem. Their functions can vary widely from use as digital money to reduction of fees on exchanges. Cryptocurrencies can be transacted, similar to fiat currencies like the US dollar, without intermediaries. Refer to our Cryptocurrency Beginners Guide to get a more in-depth, comprehensive explanation.

Is there a baseline amount of money I should start with when first getting involved with cryptocurrencies?

No. One of the benefits to investing in cryptocurrencies is that you can start with an amount as small as $5 or as large as $500,000. The amount you start with should be based on factors such as your risk appetite and capital available. You can start small like the Leutheria team and grow your portfolio quickly through different methodologies.

If I follow and use Leutheria's products can you guarantee a return on my investment?

Here at Leutheria we uphold the highest level of transparency with our community members. Although we can't guarantee a financial return, we work hard to provide access to high-quality information and a robust product suite that we believe can make our community members financially successful. Over the span of several years, our strategies have been tested and refined and have performed well for ourselves and many others. On a related note, if you find a company or individual guaranteeing financial returns, be cautious. This is most likely indicative of a scam or pyramid scheme!

How do I calculate a gain or loss?

You take the difference between what you sold the asset for and what you bought it for. For example, if you buy $150 worth of Bitcoin and then sell it later for $250, that is a gain of $100. Many digital wallets will tell you what your crypto is worth in your native currency and all you need to know is how much money you used to buy it.

What is Leutheria trying to accomplish?

We are building a global fulfillment ecosystem within the cryptocurrency economy to enable individuals to unlock better lives for themselves. Our community members are integral in translating this vision into reality. By pooling knowledge and insights together, each person can help accelerate their trajectory towards achieving their goals while helping others from around the world do the same.

To achieve our vision, we supplement our community with innovative tools that simplify the cryptocurrency investment process.

Please reach out if you have a question that was not answered here and we'll be happy to answer it for you!


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