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While I was in my undergraduate program, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the cryptocurrency economy. At the time, I was working to pay my bills and make some extra money to set myself up for the future. I worked as a manager at a local restaurant and was barely scraping by making about $10/hr. I began thinking and realized that I wasn't going to build a better future for myself doing what I was doing, so I started looking into investing my money. It was around this time that my friend Jake introduced me to cryptocurrency and blockchain - which immediately piqued my interest. Brief research on my part uncovered the immense opportunity that existed in this burgeoning field. It wasn't long before I was investing into the cryptocurrency economy and recognizing problems that needed solving.

I found myself having a difficult time understanding concepts and learning what I wanted to due to industry jargon and ambiguity, and when I began to invest, it was time consuming and somewhat lonely because I had nobody to ask questions to or bounce ideas off of. This was when I came up with the idea for Leutheria.

I decided to build a platform where anyone can access simple educational content on the cryptocurrency economy. This saves you time in the learning and investing process and can also elevate profit potential. In addition, I wanted to build a global community full of enthusiastic people eager to learn. This way, anyone can get questions answered, stay on top of the latest developments in crypto, and accelerate progress towards goals.

A core idea that I discovered early on is that one individual knows very little, but a community of people know a great deal. Aggregating the collective knowledge of a global population can yield tremendous results for those within that community. This is why I believe in a community learning experience where everyone works with one another, shares ideas and opportunities, asks questions, and grows as an individual and collective.

~ Zion Schum, CEO & Founder @ Leutheria


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